Welcome to the modern-day meditation technique that you’ve been looking for. With Mind Calm there is no jargon, no rituals, no strict rules and no judgement as to where you’re at. Just a simple, easy-to-learn and enjoyable way to meditate for more serenity and success in life.

Mind Calm provides techniques that allow you to let go of the constant chatter in your mind. In doing so, you can worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships and feel more confident. It can also help you to live more in the present moment and as a result, be more peaceful, contented and loving.

During the Mind Calm course you will be given expert guidance on how to use the meditation technique for the best results.

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You will also learn the life-changing teachings that sit at the heart of the technique including:

  • The hidden causes of a busy mind
  • The difference between ‘peace of mind’ and ‘peace with mind’
  • Why you are what you want and what you want is already inside you
  • How there is a silent solution to any problem
  • How to meditated using the 3-Step Mind Calm Method
  • The optimum meditation mind-set
  • What to expect (and allow) to happen when you meditate
  • Additional Mind Calm exercises you can play with to enhance your results

You will also have opportunities to meditate for short periods of time with the group and ask any questions you may have about meditation, ‘peace with mind’, being happier and spiritual awakening.

Discover first-hand the peaceful presence of your own being, feel the power of now, be amazed by how still your mind can be and how much better life can be with Mind Calm.

You can attend a full day course (see schedule for dates) or have Individual Coaching.