Mum & Baby Yoga

The classes are a unique fusion of fun, flowing, movement based yoga practices, for mums and babies, combined to help calm and revitalise. The aim is to enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby and to promote their healthy development. Mum & Baby Yoga perfectly compliments Baby Massage and expands on the benefits of touch with those of movement and relaxation together with gentle postnatal yoga for new mothers helping to regain core strength and fitness after birth by restoring tone to the body and deep muscles of the pelvis and lower back. No previous yoga experience is required to attend these classes.

The benefits of Mum & Baby Yoga are as follows:

  • ease discomfort and strengthen the back
  • tone the pelvic floor
  • stabilise the pelvis
  • tone the abdominal area
  • release tension in shoulders from feeding and lifting
  • aid physical and mental development of baby
  • relieve constipation and colic
  • quality time bonding with parents
  • helps to relax your baby which promotes better sleep patterns

Baby Massage

Over this relaxing 4 week course you will learn how to massage your baby with a combination of recognised Swedish and Indian massage strokes. There will be discussion time each week so that parents can learn, share experiences and support each other while having fun! Massage strokes are repeated and developed each week, so that by the end of the course parents will be able to give their baby/babies a full massage. Handouts of new strokes and massage oils are included in the price.

The benefits of baby massage are as follows:

  • helps to relieve discomfort or pain from gas, colic, and constipation
  • baby massage might help babies born before 37 weeks gestation
  • There is medical evidence to support the theory that baby massage aids in the development of the nervous system, stimulates neurological development, improves immune function and aids the release of Oxytocin, the nurturing hormone
  • develop parent/baby bond and communication
  • learn how to relate to baby's body language and cries of communication
  • helps to relax your baby which promotes better sleep patterns

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