Lizi - Yoga Instructor

Lizi is a Yoga Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Lifecoach, Traveller and Free Soul. Whilst working long hours in the corporate world, one day she decided to make a change and set off on an adventure to discover the world. Lizi has visited 68 countries, along the way she has experienced a lot of different cultures, way of thinking, way of living life and found a different meaning of being happy. Suddenly a well paying job & materialistic goods are not important anymore.

Whilst exploring the world, Lizi has learned a lot about yoga & yoga philosophy, which enabled her to deepen her physical, mental and spiritual journey. She has changed her career path and is now dedicated to helping people, through Yoga and Coaching, to improve their well being on many different levels.

Lizi has been practicing yoga for 8 years and teaching for the last 3 years, after completing her Yoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand. Lizi is continuously improving her knowledge and practice in Yoga, Health, Lifestyle, Sport & Nutrition. She is always ready to widen her horizon and keep her heart open for new experiences in order to guide you to a well balanced lifestyle.

The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of your body