Cony was born in Santiago, Chile. She has been travelling the world for about 7 years, learning and sharing her Yoga experience in different countries such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Bali and, since 2019, in Portugal.Cony believes that through Yoga you are able to access your inner power, reach a greater level of consciousness and better understanding of the self. She loves sharing Yoga in a very experiential and embodied way, where you can connect deeply with your energetic and physical body, having moments of reflection between the asanas.

​Her experience and knowledge comes from many lineages and systems – including Traditional Tantra Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, combining and incorporating them as a very deep & unique style.

Cony is also a Life Coach, Psychologist, Dance Therapist & Reiki Healer. Helping you reconnect with yourself, rediscover your emotions and feel life.

Cony - Yoga Instructor & Therapist
  • Hatha Yoga ~ Yoga Institute Mumbai ~ 900hrs (500hrs Yoga Alliance Certified)
  • Traditional Tantra Yoga ~ Satya Loka ~ 200hrs Yoga Alliance Certified

Awaken your Highest Self, enabling yourself with the tools to do everything that you could have ever dreamed of, without any limitations…

Cony is also a Life Coach, Psychologist, Dance Therapist & Reiki Healer

  • Degree in Psychology
  • Life Coaching
  • Dance Therapy
  • Reiki Master